The Board of the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors

To protect the public through enforcement of the legislation and standards

The Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors (NSCC) is the self-regulating body for the province’s Chiropractic profession. The system of professional self-regulation is a great responsibility and privilege granted by provincial law and entrusted to the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors to administer in the interest of the public.

 All chiropractors in Nova Scotia must be members of the NSCC in order to practice Chiropractic in the province.

 The NSCC has two administrative arms.  The first arm is the Board, which deals with public protection, regulatory matters and legislation.  The second arm is the Council, which is dedicated to public awareness, education and promotion of the Chiropractic profession in Nova Scotia. 

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The Board governs, controls and administers the regulatory and administrative affairs of the College.  It also serves to provide direction for the profession in matters of public interest.  The role of the Board, as well as its authority and powers, is set out in the Chiropractic Act.

The Board is comprised of eight elected chiropractors and two public members appointed by the Nova Scotia Government.  


The Board functions include:

  • Policy and Standards Development
  • Credentials Verification
  • Registration
  • Practitioner Assessment
  • Complaints and Investigation
  • Hearings and Discipline
  • Continuing Education Standards
  • Advertising Approval


Members of the Board

Chair -  Dr. Cora-Lee Peddle

Vice-Chair -  Dr. Lauren Cormier


 Past Chair -  Dr. Brad Lohrenz

Registrar -  Dr. Janis Noseworthy

Secretary -   Dr. Alan Schneider

Treasurer -  Dr. Jans Ellefsen

Director -  Dr. Michelle MacDonald

Director -  Dr. Kim Ramsay Joseph


Public Member -  Ms. Anne Wilcox

Public Member -  Ms. Linda Hefler

Executive Director -  John K. Sutherland


NSCC Peer Assessment Committee

  • Dr. Michelle MacDonald (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Alan Schneider (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Denise Wright
  • Dr. Lisa Green
  • Dr. Lauren Cormier

NSCC Continuing Education Committee

  • Dr. Eric Helson (Chair) 

NSCC Advertising Approval Committee

  • Dr. Lauren Cormier(Chair)  
  • Dr. Christine Fahie
  • Dr. Shannon Coffin 
  • Ms. Anne Wilcox
  • Dr. Kelly McVarish 

NSCC Credentials Committee

  • Past Registrar – Dr. Lisa Richard
  • Past Chair – Dr. Brad Lohrenz
  • Public Member – Ms. Anne Wilcox


NSCC Nominating Committee

  • Co-chair – Vice Chair of the Board
  • Co-chair – Vice President of Council
  • Chair of the Board 
  • Past Chair of the Board
  • President of the Council
  • Past President of Council

NSCC Regulations & Policy Development Committee

  • Dr. Lauren Cormier (Chair)
  • Dr. Janis Noseworthy (Registrar)
  • Ms. Jillian Strugnell 
  • Dr. Wanda Lee MacPhee (Chair)
  • Mr. John Sutherland (as required)



FCC Representative

  • Dr. Janis Noseworthy

FCLB Representative

  • Dr. Janis Noseworthy

CCEB Representative

  • Dr. Janis Noseworthy

The following acts and regulations are linked from the Government of Nova Scotia regulatory website:

The Board of the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors ensures protection of the public through enforcement of the above stated acts and regulations set forth by the Province of Nova Scotia.